Student moves

Student Moves

Whether you’re moving into student halls, new student digs or returning back home between semesters, the problem of shifting your belongings from A to B is a constant source of concern. But it needn’t be with weMuuve's student move service. We’re here to make the process as effortless as possible.


An experienced member of the weMuuve Student team will collect your belongings, then deliver it to and fro any university across Nigeria. If you need packing supplies, we can deliver these to your door. Packmyload Student boxes are stronger than standard cardboard boxes and are provided to you at a low cost.

Small And Large Student Removals

No matter what you need to send, Uni Baggage can help. We offer student removals for items from 1kg up to 30kg and you can book as many items as you like with us.


Once you've booked, we give you the labels - all that you have to do is put them on the bags, suitcases or boxes and you're away. After that, we’ll collect your luggage and deliver it to where it needs to go. Sounds simple and it is.